rnet service - a new step in the development of an online casino
Currently, a full replacement of slot machines is the Internet terminals. Many owners of gaming clubs have the opportunity to retrain their establishments in an Internet cafe or Internet entertainment centers (CRIs).

In an Internet cafe or RIP instead of slot machines are installed touch Internet terminals (gaminator, Igrosoft), which are connected via the Internet to servers on one or more online casinos. Each online casino has its own online resources, which are grouped a few dozen online games: card games, roulette, slots, etc. Every visitor to an internet cafe, paying the cashier internet access can visit any online gaming resource and choose your favorite online game.

It is important to note that the owner of an internet cafe is not the organizer of gambling. It only provides Internet access for a fee, and is an agent of any online resource base for an internet cafe is an agency agreement.

Income internet cafe consists of two parts:
1.Predostavlenie Internet population on a fee basis
2. Agency fees payable by the Principal (online casino) Agent (Internet Cafe), which depends on the amount contributed by visitors internet cafe funds in games at various online resources in online casinos.

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