Видео слот Thunderstruck This is the first gaming machine, which met the bonus game. This machine has enticed many players to this day is one of the leading video slot.

Nice interesting interface Thunderstruck tells the story of a distant Scandinavian countries, whose lives are filled with mysterious creatures and gods. The center, which is Thor, matchplan across the sky in his chariot drawn by rams. At Tora two magic horn and hammer the subject with which he hurls lightning. But do not be afraid of him, on the playing field, he will bring the most cherished prizes.

Thunderstruck Slot machine has nine playing lines, which can activate and turn off at any moment. To increase excitement and interest in the game has Wild-symbol replaces any other characters. Thunderstruck also contains Scatter symbols. They not only have a guaranteed prize during an appearance anywhere in the playing field in a number of three or more, but also activate the bonus game.

Free spins on a slot machine Thunderstruck - this is what should look forward to. You can slow down your money, but when start the bonus game, you will not only return the lost, but much more can weld. This is a clear advantage of this video slot with Thunderstruck you're guaranteed win, you only need to be a bit careful and clever, quietly wait for the opportune moment, and then left to disperse for the full and pick up his cherished prize.

Gambling will give you a chance not to get bored and always have the opportunity to multiply your winnings. Its meaning lies in the fact that during the prize you can double or quadruple your winnings. To do this, guess or color card or color.

All in your hands a bit plodding, desire and faith in victory, that's what you need for a guaranteed win, because all the real arcade Thunderstruck.

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