Slot machine "Whisky"

Slot machine

Slot machine

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Main Game
The game starts by clicking the "Start" button in the value of the credit is greater than zero. The player can vary the amount of credit rate and amount of the prize lines before each Cohn.

Playing on the risk of "Maps"
Who does not risk, that does not drink whiskey! The player is invited to play cards with the devil - the dealer. Rules of the game classic - to choose a card more dignity than the dealer. The dealer's cards can be replaced once.

Bonus Barrels "
Be drunk a little, little man comes to the barrels to find another "living water" and the player helps him to find in them the prizes, which supplement loans.

Super Bonus "Hell in the lava"
Reality is distorted and the player appears as the devil, hovering over the red-hot fiery lava. But damn cute to the player and at the time of thunder and lightning may be giving away prizes.


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