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The main game
The game starts when you click on START (START). Bet on the line and the number of lines can be changed using the buttons BET (BET) and Line 1 - 9 LINES (1 LINE - 9 LINES). Clicking on the button HELP (HELP) will lead to a call reference that contains a table of prizes and rules of the game in English. After the reels stop, it will show you your winnings, if any. Symbol is a fire extinguisher as the Joker, that is, can replace any other symbol.

Double game
If the reels will be three or more safe, then after the show will win the bonus game. Please note that the boxes do not yield any payoff, when they get up in the line - just out in the bonus game. If you have won, then you have the opportunity to increase your winnings. To do this, click the DOUBLE (DOUBLE) during the show lines - will risk game. The screen will be opened by the dealer's card. The challenge is the need to open a card not less than the dealer. If the card is more than the dealer's cards, the current prize is doubled if less - is reset to zero, as in the case of equality occurs Retake cards, while the gain is not changed. Number of steps in the risk game NOT LIMITED.

Bonus game
If the main game in any position on the reels have seen three or more characters safe, the bonus game begins. Goal of the game - to open as many safes, pressing buttons 1 - 4. In each of the hidden object, which is priced at a certain number of points from 1 to 20, which are multiplied by total bet. Also, in some safes found "Dynamite", which means the end of the bonus game. But the gain obtained during the game, not burnt, and pumped into the loan. The player can open the boxes in any sequence. If, after opening all safes no explosion did not happen, then begins a super bonus game.

Super bonus game
Goal of the game - open the door, behind which there is a girl, pressing LEFT DOOR (LEFT DOOR) or the right door (RIGHT DOOR). In this case, the prize will be from 1 to 100 full rates. Otherwise - nothing but winning the bonus game is not lost.

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