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Description of the basic rules of the game in the machine, a dwarf:
Expand your game balance is to be able to start the game. To make the drums rotate click on START. After a while the drums alternately stop and show you have won or, alas, lost out supplied. See the grid with the coefficients multiplying the tax rate, you can see "Help". To get there click on HELP. In short, winning at video slot interchange gnome is a combination, when in one line there are three or more identical images. Do you have the opportunity to play on nine lines, each of which can place a bet (max bet per line is 25 credits). In the event the winning combination you will be asked to take the win, or try their luck in the risk game, about which below.

Description of the rules of the game to double in the emulator gnome:
Double game, or risk-game allows to increase the rate of two times. Here comes 5 cards. The dealer opens the first card. The idea is that you need to open a map of dignity more than the dealer. If you could - your bet is multiplied by two. If you pulled the same - cards are dealt again. If you pulled out a smaller card - a risk the game ends. The number of attempts at a successful outcome of the limit, but not likely you'll have to defeat many times in a row.

Description of the bonus game in the leprechaun slot machine:
Your task is to turn all the luggage and did not get dirty in the mud. Number of trolleys - 5, they are precious stones and, of course, mud. You need to turn over as many trucks with treasures for which you will increase the rate by several times (the coefficient will emerge over the trolley). If you are flooded with mud - the bonus game ends and you get to the main game. If you have not ran into the dirt - super bonus game begins.

Description of the super bonus game slot emulator gnome:
Turn all the luggage in the bonus game is not smeared in mud and you can test your luck in the super bonus game. You find yourself in a mysterious room, surrounded by columns. Middle of the room are two chests, one of which is wealth, and the other completely empty. You need to guess in which the chest is the prize. If you come out - your rate could increase to a hundred times!


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