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Fruit Coctail game is a 5 reel, 9-line video slot.

The main game
The game starts by pressing the START button (START) in value of the credit distinct from zero. Use the BET (BET) and 1 line (1 LINE), 3 lines (3 LINES) ... 9 LINES (9 LINES), you can change the rate on line and the number of lines (however, the sum of rates may not exceed magnitude of the current credit). Button MAXIMUM RATE (MAX BET) sets the maximum rate without changing the number of active lines, and automatically starts the game. If the maximum rate of more credit, then put up the maximum possible rate, but the launch of drums is not performed.
Clicking on the button HELP (HELP) will lead to a call reference that contains a table of prizes and rules of the game in English.
After the reels stop, it will show you your winnings, if any. The game has a character ("a cocktail of melon"), which can replace any other symbol with a lower ratio. Moreover, if the same line can get two different payoff, then this character will get more value for them.
This game supports up to nine lines, therefore, theoretically, they can both win. At the same prizes on all lines are summarized. If the screen contains winning line, they are lit one by one, and then their numbers start to blink. In this case, all winners lines on the screen does not disappear. Winning is the line, which includes at least three identical objects in a row, and they must touch the left or right edge. The more identical symbols the line, the higher the ratio, which is multiplied by bet per line. The table below shows the corresponding coefficients of an object type and number them in line.
If the reels will not be three or more "strawberries", then after the show to start winning bonus game. Keep in mind that strawberries do not yield any payoff, when they get up in the line - just out in the bonus game. Moreover, the number dropped strawberries depends on the number of attempts in the bonus game
If you have won, then you have the opportunity to increase your winnings. To do this, click the DOUBLE (DOUBLE UP) during the show lines - will risk game.

Risk game
Begins after during the show winning lines pressed DOUBLE (DOUBLE UP). The screen will be opened by the dealer's card. The challenge is the need to open a card not less than the dealer. If the map, the more the dealer's cards, the current prize is doubled if less - is reset to zero, as in the case of equality occurs Retake cards, while the gain is not changed.
Number of steps in the risk game NOT LIMITED.

Bonus Game
A roll in all positions on the reels in the basic game of three or more characters in strawberries, the bonus game begins. On the amount of strawberries that fell on the drums, determines the number of attempts. Thus, three strawberries make another attempt, four - two, etc. The bonus game is played regardless of the player. In the center of the screen rotates three drums on the perimeter there are cards with images of objects located on the drums. They all have their price. On them with a high speed moving light. After a while the drums alternate stop. Immediately begins to slow light. If it stops on the card, the object which fell on at least one drum, then the gain is so much price matching objects, multiplied by total bet. For example, if three cherries on drums, and the light stopped, too, to "cherry", then the gain is 3 * 2 * A rate that is six full rates. If the light stops on the card, whose object is not on a drum, then nothing will happen. But if you stay light on the card "Exit", then on one attempt will be less. The bonus is repeated until, until exhausted all attempts. The bonus game ends when all attempts will be spent.

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