Slot machine "Fairy Land"

Slot machine

Slot machine

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Main Game
The game has a very colorful and bright appearance. For victory to roll out five reels and assemble a winning combination of three or more fly agaric, butterflies, flowers, insects, etc.

Playing on the risk of "Quagmire"
The player gets the opportunity to double their points earned, but it needs to Prince Ivan, who shoots for his loved ones, came from a bow on a tree stump next to the frog, which only this and waits.

Bonus "Lilies"
In order for a player opens the opportunity to move at the last bonus round, he should spend a little bezodibnogo and helplessness lyagushonochka from one water lily to another, third, fourth and fifth.

Super Bonus "Night Marsh"
In this bonus round, a player must look for frog who hides in the swamp of the night, and then inducing it-wand crocodile policeman. If appropriate, you can get a good reward in the form of additional loans.

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