Slot machine "Crazy monkey"

Slot machine

Slot machine

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Main Game
The player clicks on the "Start" button and the game starts, but it occurs only when the loan is not equal to zero. Do you have an opportunity to change the rate by the number of lines and lines. But it is not allowed to bet the total value was larger than the current loan. If you have won, you can see it after it stopped on drums.

Playing on the risk of "Maps"
After winning lines are shown by clicking the "risk", you start playing the risk game. The screen offers the dealer's card. The main objective is to open a map that should not be less than the dealer's cards. If your card is more than the dealer's cards, your current win increased by 2 times, and if less, then reset. If the cards are equal, then the payoff does not change the cards to re-take. In the risk game an unlimited number of steps.

If the main game in any of the positions of the drums fell 3 or more monkeys, then the bonus game begins. The screen displays the monkey and 5 ropes that hang from above. Each of the rope tied to a solid object or a banana. Monkey is required to pull for each of the ropes and do as it can in a different sequence. After the monkey pulling the rope that was attached to her, falls on the monkey.

Bonus "super bonus"
Start a super bonus game occurs when all the ropes have been pulled in the game. The screen displays two plaques, one for which the hidden prize. The corresponding plate opens after clicking on one of the buttons - 7 lines "or" Line 3 ". If you guessed the prize, at the plate, which won a prize will be drawn number, the product is added to the win at full time.

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