Slot machine "Chukcha"

Slot machine

Slot machine

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Main Game
To win, you need to rotate at the same time five reels, and collect a winning combination. This can be either polar bears or husky dog, or walruses, as well as local residents.

Playing on the risk of "Maps"
In the event that a certain combination, you will be available in the form of a bonus card game. The player's task - to choose a card of higher rank than the dealer. With this bonus, you can either double your winnings, or reset it. And always remember one small but very clear rule: small gain better than a big loss.

Bonus "Fishing" 
The player's task is simple: choose well. One of them hides a multiplication gain, the other - the end of bonus and continuation of the game in normal mode, the third - an additional bonus, which can be doubled or earned win or nothing to earn. In this case, when the value of the total bid is higher than the bonus bet, the player has triggered the protection of exit bonus, thus we can again choose one of the wells. Bonus "Expedition" If you spin the reels drop a few pictures from the geologist, the player receives either 10 or 15 or 20 free spins. Number of rotations depends on how many dropped out of geologists. When there is free rotation of the drums, all the above bonuses are valid, as is the case with real money.

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