Affiliate Program, open a casino for free

To open a casino without attachments with our software
 We offer turnkey solutions for Internet cafes, gaming clubs and internet web arcades.

 How to join?

 To do this contract. Sample contract you can download and view here, then contact the project manager for the contract.

That must have a partner to get started?

 Partner at the start of the work must be ready room to accommodate computers, computers with internet access. Cash on acquisition of electronic currency.

About Software

 Below there are software for Internet stores, which includes more than 100 games and a program operator.

To ensure smooth and reliable operation of the software you need to perform a number of requirements for the preparatory phase, to prepare the equipment, software installation and commissioning.

Before you begin, make sure you have the following equipment and facilities:

1. Mounted LAN with Internet access for all computers in the lounge.

2 Network hub (a device combining the branch network object of type Switch (Hub)) based on the number of ports for connecting all elements of the network (the number of client computers + computer administrator).

3. Network cable length needed packed into the cable channels without damage and excesses of violating his integrity and negatively affect the quality of communication.

 4. Administrator's computer to replenish deposit customers and clients the following configuration is not below: Celeron (R) CPU 2.80GHz, ASUS motherboard with integrated sound and video cards, RAM 512MB or higher, 80GB hard drive, CD-DVD drive is not required.

 5. Operating system WINDOWS & Linux


Profits from the club, is divided between the Partner and System in proportions that depend on the number of connected partner points. Namely:
From the first 5-s clubs - 25/75 (25% - system, 75% - the owner of the hall)
From 5-to 10-clubs - 15/85 (15% - system, 85% - the owner of the hall)
More than 10 clubs in the conditions stipulated on an individual basis.

Practically, this is as follows: for example when working on an interest rate of 25/75, each time buying in-game currency system you get the game currency is 4 times larger than the transferred assets. For example: when you buy in the amount of 50,000 rubles. to your account in the system will earn 200,000 game currency when purchasing the amount of 100,000 rubles. - 400 000 game currency.

What is the minimum amount to start the cooperation?
The recommended minimum amount to buy game currency, is 30 000 rubles. Transfer of funds is carried out only in cash or via EFT.

What is a gaming terminal in terms of legislation and whether it will be for the subagent gambling?

 Gaming terminal is a standard PC connected to the Internet, through which the access to the site, located in Alajuela, Costa Rica. The owner of the online casino are we. The person making the bid and gets the win, not playing with a partner system, but directly from our Partner subagent performs the function, ensuring acceptance and payment of funds, for which he receives the agent's commission. Proper organization of gambling partner is not engaged, not a person engaged in gambling.  

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