About Us

The company "Casino 1 Gambling Soft. Ltd" founded in late 2007.
All investments and efforts were aimed at creating powerful product on the market of online gaming - the development of quality and affordable Casinos (casino software).
The main task of the team "Casino-1" at the time of foundation:
Create a secure, competitively capable software casino for successful business on the Internet and for its aisles.
Mathematical calculation in games has been developed on a similar algorithm used by the producers of real games for real casinos (such as IGROSOFT, GEYMINATOR, BELARTA, Carte Blanche).
The gameplay is entertaining and interesting for casino players. Casino is attractive enough for investors.
Safety and the math games - a tangible argument for choosing the casino software and software companies providing services: Development of Online Casino, Internet Casino Sales.
These facts, and served as an incentive to develop a fundamentally qualitative and most secure "product", or in other words, software for online casinos (on-line Casino).

Product Features:

- Tweaks

 A powerful server-side with a lot of settings casinos. 

- High quality graphics

 All the graphics of the games made on the basis of the original graphics, which makes it possible to play on any monitors of any size without losing quality.

- Original soundtrack

 Musical accompaniment and sound games fully realized. Each game has its own individual, original soundtrack.

- Play is interesting 

In the process of Casino, has been given careful attention to scenarios of games, the main problem was posed by the implementation of the product as close to their counterparts from the existing producers, which actually made our team!

More than 3,000 clubs in 428 cities around the world work with us...