License agreement

License agreement to use a complex game of Casino № 1 "

This License Agreement ("Agreement") is a legal document governing the relationship between the company "Casino 1 Gambling Soft ltd.", Hereinafter referred to as "Casino 1 GS", and the entity or individual, hereinafter referred to as User using gaming complex "Casino № 1 ", its component parts and modifications (the gaming complex" Casino № 1 ").

1. The composition of the complex game of Casino № 1 "slot system" Casino № 1 "includes the base.

2. Agreement enters into force.
Establishing gaming complex "Casino № 1" at the customer site for its use in the production, commercial or other activities, User hereby accepts the obligations to implement the terms of this Agreement. A user who does not agree with the terms of this Agreement has no right to install and use the gaming complex.

3. Property rights to the gaming complex "Casino № 1.
Rightholder of exclusive property rights to the gaming complex "Casino № 1" is "Casino 1 GS". Property rights to the gaming complex "Casino № 1" are protected by the Seychelles copyright.

4. Rights and responsibilities "Casino 1 GS"
4.1. "Casino 1 GS" delivers a gaming complex "Casino № 1.
4.2. "Casino 1 GS", at its discretion rework play complex seen eliminates programming errors and failures.
4.3. "Casino 1 GS" shall not be liable for any damages directly or indirectly caused by User as a result of a complex game of Casino № 1, parts or modifications.
4.4. In the event of a breach of this Agreement, "Casino 1 GS" has the right to require the user to eliminate the use of gaming complex "Casino № 1", the user is indemnified for material and other damage.

5. The rights and obligations of the User
5.1. User license period to play complex is entitled to a free upgrade to current version of the game complex "Casino № 1", to receive advice by e-mail and telephone, unless otherwise specified additional treaties and agreements.
5.2. Settings play complex, performed by the user, as well as information entered by the user in the information system of gaming complex "Casino № 1", are the property of the User.
5.3. The user has the right to make adjustment of standard reports, create custom reports using built-in gaming system "Casino № 1" tools.
5.4. User has no right to make changes to software modules, documentation, complex game "casino number 1", and create your own software, a product of a complex game of Casino № 1 ", and copy all or part of the user interface elements without the written permission of" Casino 1 GS ".
5.5. User is solely responsible for the use of gaming complex casino number 1 "and may not require the" Casino 1 GS "perform any other obligations with respect to the complex game of Casino № 1", except as provided in this Agreement and the agreements concluded between the User and "Casino 1 GS".
5.6. The user has the right to use the gaming complex "Casino № 1" only for activities not prohibited by applicable law.
5.7. User has the right to make backup copies of the game complex "Casino № 1" solely for archival purposes.

6. Validity
6.1. This Agreement shall be valid indefinitely.
6.2. Violation of this User Agreement or any of its paragraphs shall entail termination of execution "Casino 1 GS" its obligations and indemnification "Casino 1 GS" in accordance with applicable law.

7. Final Provisions
7.1. This Agreement shall not be construed as establishing between the user and "Casino 1 GS" contractual relations on any other matters not expressly provided for therein. These ratios can be fitted with additional agreements between the "Casino 1 GS" and the User.
7.2. Recognition by the court of any provision of this Agreement invalid or not subject to compulsory execution does not imply invalidation of other provisions of the Agreement.
7.3. In case of violation of the provisions of the User Agreement "Casino 1 GS" has the right to take action to protect their interests in accordance with applicable law.

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